Facility Services

Facility Maintenance

Office Cleaning

Citywide Services is a leading provider of quality cleaning services with an exceptional reputation for superior office cleaning throughout Kern County. A clean business environment is of utmost importance to your clients, customers and also in improving morale among your employees. Whether your company requires daily office cleaning services for your building, or a weekly or monthly service, we customize a cleaning schedule specifically for your business needs. Common reception areas, restrooms, warehouses and kitchens are all treated with the same high-quality care. Customized Custodial Services has a professional crew with years of experience to clean your office building and provide Superior Commercial Cleaning.

Medical Facilities and Offices

Our mission is to partner with healthcare professionals to prevent the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs). We do that by taking the lead on research and innovation, and by continuing to create advanced aseptic techniques in healthcare cleaning.

Terminal Cleaning Program built on AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) standards and recommendations.

Mandatory Training to ensure that Employees understand healthcare regulations, basic microbiology and chemistry, and the correct way to clean your facility with approved aseptic cleaning procedures to reduce the risk of HAIs.

Risk Reduction Plan is included in our service to identify and correctly clean the critical control points throughout your facility that can transmit HAIs.

Evidence-based, patent-pending system of aseptic cleaning is the only one in our industry that uses scientific measurement to prove its effectiveness.